Meet The Llamas

Our trekking herd currently consists of six lawn mowers llamas who live on our land at Glanrhydwilym. All of our llamas are trek trained and biddable when haltered. The following is a brief overview of your trekking companions:


Ieuan – born 31/05/2013

Ieuan is our eldest and largest boy. He is incredibly gentle and an excellent trekker. Personality-wise, Ieuan is quiet and placid, and prefers to observe events from the back of the herd instead of being the centre of attention. The other llamas look to him to lead them, but this is a duty he has never readily taken on and is more than happy to let one of the younger boys take the lead. Ieuan is our oak tree – Mr Dependable.




Teilo – born 19/07/2014

Teilo is an incredibly vocal llama and will constantly hum when around humans or other llamas. What he says we do not know but we do know that whatever he is saying he is saying it with much passion and conviction. If you are lucky Teilo may sing you one of his many humming songs during the trek. Teilo likes to be leader of the herd, but only in the comfort of one of his own fields. On a trek he will usually delegate leadership duties to someone else. Teilo is the primary peacekeeper in the herd and will quickly put down any mutiny in the ranks. Whilst he tends to keep the other llamas in line, he is one of our best behaved llamas when around people – the paradox of llamas!




Zazu – born 24/07/2014

Zazu is our greedy llama. He is brother to Ieuan and has a lovely long thick coat – a beautiful flowing mane! Zazu is probably the most sociable of all our llamas and loves being the centre of attention. He is smaller than Ieuan and Teilo, but that doesn’t stop him consistently being first in line whenever a new hay bale is brought into the stable. Zazu holds the current record for fastest llama to sprint across the field upon dinner being served. He is also developing into a bit of a charmer with a growing number of female admirers. We are contemplating starting a Zazu fan club for the legions of fans he is starting to build up!




Albie – born 03/09/2014

Fawn-like Albie is constantly getting into and / or causing trouble. He is convinced that Ieuan is his mother and regularly attempts to suckle poor Ieuan for milk. Fortunately peacekeeper Teilo is always at hand to show Albie the error of his ways and order is restored after some robust llama justice is dished out. Albie is half brother to Ieuan and Zazu.





Macsen – born 17/05/2017

Macsen has a lovely cuddly temperament and is our fluffiest boy, being a ‘wooly’ variety of llama. ‘Macsen’ is the Cymraeg name for the Roman emperor Magnus Maximus, and is also the name of our son! Macsen (the llama!) is currently in training and should be available for full treks late 2018.





Myrddin – born 05/06/2017

Myrddin is a very calm and very little boy, with a suri-like fleece (that’s the long haired variety of llama) which is a nice surprise as neither of his parents were suri llamas. It will be interesting to see how he develops as he grows bigger. His name means Merlin in Cymraeg and is pronounced ‘Merth-in’. He is currently in training and should be available for full treks late 2018.

4 thoughts on “Meet The Llamas

  1. From the honking greeting from Gustav & Gertie
    The purring/greeting of the gentlemanly Pablo
    The singing/humming greeting of the Boys (Llamas)
    The warm reception given by Matthew & Alexandria – a massive thumbs up!👍🏾

    All really adorable characters, exquisite natures – really enjoyed my Pembs time – leaving reluctantly for so- called civilisation!
    Thank you for making a stressed out human become Human again
    Much love to all your furry/feathered friends
    I’ll be back 💛

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thankyou so so much for having us and letting us meet your lovely llamas. We had a fantastic afternoon walking and brushing the llamas. I fell in love with Zazou!! I think you’ve got a fab set-up and it’s a great idea! I really hope to come back in the future! Many good wishes for a lovely couple!

    Clare xx


  3. Your new “babies” are wonderfully sweet natured & easy on the eye 🤩😍 walking them around your grounds was a treat & honour.👍🏼 Love the Glanrhydwilym experience.
    Thanks guys! 💛🖖🏼
    See U soon.. xx


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