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Lead one of our llamas on a guided tour through the valley of Rhydwilym. Discover the beauty and secrets of the valley, whilst learning about the long history of the area. Not suitable for young children unless they are good walkers! Optional refreshments after the trek.

Time: Approx 2 hours

Distance: Approx 3 miles


  • £60 for 2 people with 2 llamas.
  • £30 for each additional person leading a llama.
  • £10 per additional person attending (without a llama).

Minimum age to lead a llama: 16 years old (younger children are welcome to come along on the walks, but will not be able to lead their own llama).

Pre-booking is necessary for this activity – please email or call 07539 892519.

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General information

The llamas will walk at the same pace as their handlers – generally this is a fairly gentle speed that most people will find comfortable. Llamas cannot be ridden  – whilst strong enough to hold children and perhaps small adults we do not support or approve of such behaviour – and neither do the llamas! Your llama will walk calmly beside you and most people find that they make a surprisingly harmonious and relaxing trekking companion.

The trek will take in beautiful views of the valley and beyond to the Preseli hills, and afterwards you are most welcome to sit with the llamas where we can supply you with tea and refreshments. Depending on the season, there is a chance you will spot one of our many resident red kites who spend the day soaring above Glanrhydwilym.

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Trainers / walking boots are usually fine for most of the year unless we have had an unusually rainy few days – in which case wellies might be a safer option. Generally there is very little mud on the treks, but it is always a possibility when going through the woods, so always wear something that you don’t mind getting a bit muddy!